Protected: The IDA Rank Structure

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The IDA Is Preparing for War

The galaxy: a vast, uncharted plane full of lifeā€“but also death. It seems as though there may be a lot of death on the way.


To an ordinary citizen in one of humanity’s many colonies, the galaxy might look at peace. There is always crime and conflict, of course; tiny ripples in the ocean, perhaps even waves, but overall the seas remain calm.

And those citizens would be right. For now. But recent discoveries revealed that there may be a storm coming. A big one.

Anyone taking their ship out into the black can feel it. Merchants are selling their stock like wildfire, hoping to make as much profit as possible before the storm arrives to sweep away their insignificant stores and houses. Crime rates all over the galaxy are seeing a significant increase as if no crime will persist after what’s coming.

There is an invisible edge of tension hanging in the air, razor-sharp and yet unaddressed. Because addressing it would mean facing an uncomfortable, even horrifying, truth.

That we are not ready.

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IDA Launches News Platform in Response to Thargoids

We are pleased to announce, although in these testing times, that the Independent Defence Agency is launching a news platform to update the galaxy’s people on important information. It has come to our attention that, throughout the galaxy, there are a very limited number of good and true news sources. Our galaxy is in a time of need. This platform will be a source of … Continue reading IDA Launches News Platform in Response to Thargoids